Break the Outbreak
Board Of Directors

We are the Board Of Directors for Break The Outbreak. Our goal is simply to enable the organization to help as many people and serve as many communities as possible.

Organizational Board

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board, Director of Dublin Chapter

Sky Yang

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board, Director of Dublin Chapter

I want make a difference, especially during a crisis like this. I believe that we can pull through this crisis, if we all work together. It is our responsibility as members of the community to stop the COVID-19 from spreading. I want to make a contribution to the world, to society; and also inspire many others like us to make a difference in this world. Board Of Directors, organizational board

Ansh Tripathi

Co-founder, Chief Financial Officer

One thing that motivates me to work for Break the Outbreak is the idea of how impactful our work is to our community. It’s become well known that a lack of proper protection can make one susceptible to the virus and knowing that we are able to protect the essential food suppliers in our community is more than just a feeling of relief. Board Of Directors, organizational board

Saivishnu Tulugu

Executive Director of Recruiting, Medical Informatics Director

 Mahatma Gandhi once said, “be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi’s words could not be more applicable than to the situation our world is in today. As a future health professional, I am extremely passionate about addressing the social determinants of health. Joining BTOB has allowed me to pursue this passion and make a lasting impact on my community and the world. Board Of Directors, organizational board

Sam Zhou

Executive Director of Sacramento Area, Director of Roseville chapter

The purpose of this operation caught my attention. There are many restaurants and local grocery stores that were hit hard during this pandemic. I would like to help them through these hard times and contribute to society. It would be nice to see people enjoying their lives once again rather than being tense towards their surroundings. Board Of Directors, organizational board

Tanish Kumar

Associate Founder, Chief Legal Officer

As a cross country runner and an athlete, losing access to my team was a huge loss for me when lockdown started. I needed something to fill that void and after ordering takeout from a restaurant with no masks, I realized what I could do to help. Being partnered with several other like minded students has allowed me to do my part in this pandemic and provide safety to places where there was previously none. Board Of Directors, organizational board

Nephi Calladine

Associate Founder, Chief Creative Officer

What motivates me to participate in this operation? Well the best motivator for me is seeing the smiles on others, knowing that I’ve made their day. That’s the best feeling. To help one another is very important to our society. We will be nowhere without it. This is why I’m here, this is why I have joined this operation. To help the cause. Board Of Directors, organizational board

Dhruv Rachakonda

Executive Director of Utah, Director of Salt Lake City Chapter

I joined BTOB because I wanted to help the pandemic reduce more quickly. I care about my community and I want to help them as much as possible. Board Of Directors, organizational board

Advisory Board (Non-voting)

All new Directors level personnel will have a chance to earn Advisory Board Member position through merit.

Mathew Mugweru

Birmingham Chapter Director, Chairman of the Marketing Committee

I have decided to join the “BTOB Movement” to help
my city through the COVID-19 pandemic. I love Birmingham and have grown up here all my life and have seen it change and grow into the amazing city it is! I am an extremely relational person and believe that this student-led organization can touch many people in the community and be a light for those during this difficult time. My goal for the Birmingham chapter is to increase advocacy and education around mask-wearing and proper hygiene in the state of Alabama.

Hannah Purisima

Associate Founder, Advisory Board Member

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Maria Sati

Chapter Director of Bellevue

I’ve always believed in the cause of giving back to our community in any way we can. Covid-19 has changed the course of our world, and by joining BTOB, it has allowed me to make an impact when our communities need us the most.

Shreeram Modi

Director of San Jose Chapter

After seeing how hard local businesses can be hit, especially due to Covid-19, I feel that it’s my responsibility to help give back to the community that has been giving to me my whole life. Joining BTO gives me the opportunity to help local businesses through this pandemic.

Chris John

Director of New Hyde Park Chapter, Chairman of Homelessness Hygiene Products Donation Assembly

Ever since a young age I have had a strong urge to aid those in my community who desperately need it. And I have found the perfect place to fulfill this urge, Break the Outbreak. They have a great, reputable team whose number one purpose is to serve the community and put the health and wellbeing of their community before personal gain. I can’t wait to make a change in my community and in the world by joining BTOB as our LI Chapter Director!

Arnav Dixit

Director of San Jose Chapter

I chose to start a BTO branch in San Jose as it appealed to me that local businesses in my community were experiencing difficulties to assist customers when reopening during this pandemic. I have an innate passion for assisting the community and always seek to step up as a leader to help out. The situation we’ve come across with COVID 19 exclusively invites the collaboration of the youth to step up, lead, and serve the community.

Prahalad Chari

Chief Technology Officer, Director of Fremont Chapter

I am really interested in helping out the community in these troubling times. As students, we also have a lot of free time on our hands due to the pandemic so it is a great idea to put that time towards something useful that people can actually benefit from.

Saumya Kumar

Executive Director of Massachusetts, Director of Westborough Chapter

Production Officer

Even though Massachusetts is beginning to flatten the curve, we still have over 100K cases and we have more than many other states. It’s important to prevent another spike in cases and there are many people in the state who don’t have access to supplies. It is essential for our generation to help those in need.

Kyla Ilkay

Co-Director of Queens Chapter

I want to join BTOB because I love to take charge and make an impact in my community, especially in one that is local. I would be grateful to be a part of an organization that helps heal those who have been hurt by the Covid-19 crisis.

Jane Lichtman

Director of LA Chapter

Hi! I’m Jane, I’m a rising junior at Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles, and I couldn’t be more excited to be a member of Southern California’s first Break the Outbreak chapter. I love all of our city’s local  businesses and it’s wonderful to know that I’m helping them through the COVID-19 crisis!

Felicity Park

Director of LA Chapter

I’m a rising senior in Los Angeles county and I’m super excited to bring Break the Outbreak to Southern California! Through this project, I hope to take advantage of all the extra time indoors that quarantine has created to help my community!

Aafnan Alam

Executive Director of New Jersey, Director of Middlesex Chapter

COVID-19 has taken a toll on our family, friends, and even our mental health. Many do not have the services or money to buy special masks. As the co-executive Director of New Jersey, I hope to spread happiness and make someone’s day through Break the Outbreak!

Saumya Kumar

Executive Director of Massachusetts, Director of Westborough Chapter

Production Officer

Even though Massachusetts is beginning to flatten the curve, we still have over 100K cases and we have more than many other states. It’s important to prevent another spike in cases and there are many people in the state who don’t have access to supplies. It is essential for our generation to help those in need.

Dhrithi Tummala

Director of Cumming Chapter, Executive Director of Georgia

The mission statement and vision of this organization resonate with me! By making and distributing masks, I’m able to make a small difference in my community amidst these unprecedented times.

Bea Culligan

Director of LA chapter

Hi! I am Bea Culligan and I am a rising junior at Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles, California. I am so excited to be working to assist my community in this difficult time. Quarantine is not easy for anyone, but hopefully through my service for BTO I can make it a little easier for those around me and help everyone get through this pandemic.

Shruthi Narayanan

Executive Director of Minnesota
Chapter Director of Shakopee

Hey! My name is Shruthi Narayanan and I’m so excited to be the Director of the Shakopee Chapter. During these trying times it is important to help our communities stay safe and protected. BTOB is an amazing organization that is working towards shielding our communities from the dangers of this virus, and I hope that I will be able to help my community stay safe and healthy!

Ishana Chadha

Director of Commack Chapter

I have always been inspired by what’s going on in my community and currently that thing is COVID-19. I know how much this pandemic has impacted small businesses and the lives of countless others. I want to give back to these businesses and people in this unusual time and make sure we are keeping the Long Island community safe while doing it.

Sonika Tatipalli

Co-Director of Cumming Chapter

As the pandemic continues, many are working towards saving people in numerous ways. Through this organization, I can be a part of this force to decline the spread of the virus and ultimately contribute to bringing it to an end!

Wajiha Rizvi

Director Of Wayne Chapter

I wanted to be a part of Break the Outbreak for the basic purpose of helping others and giving back to this wonderful community. After losing a close family member to the coronavirus, I felt the need to make sure others are safe during this outbreak and are able to keep their loved ones safe. I look forward to working with all of you!

Aarush Kumar

Director of Hillsborough Chapter

 I heard about this non-profit through RMS, which is a research program I previously applied to. The reason why  I was so interested in joining was due to the current situation in the world today. Overall, there are hundreds of thousands of people putting their life on the line to protect everyone around them, and with the help of organizations as such can increase the chances of life going back to normal sooner.

Ryann Chatfield

Director of Cornwall Chapter Communications Officer

This pandemic has troubled the global community greatly, and when I heard about BTOB I knew that what this organization is doing is vital. I hope to work with BTOB to give back to my local community in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19. I want to be able to help those who have continued serving during this hectic time and play my part alongside my peers.

Meera Hatangadi

Director of Irvine Chapter

As COVID-19 continues to plague the entire world, we find ourselves in situations where small businesses, senior homes, organizations, and even households do not have the resources that they need to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. I decided to start a local chapter of BTOB because I wanted to be a part of the initiative that aids those who are adversely affected by the pandemic and make their lives as easy as they can be during these hard times.

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Esha Iftikhar

Co-Director of Queens Chapter

I wanted to join BTOB because my family has been personally affected by COVID-19. Many other people of color and minorities have also been disproportionately and negatively impacted by the effects of the pandemic due to not having enough resources provided to them during the pandemic and even before.

Alekya Mallampalli

Chapter Director of Dupage County

I want to be a part of BTOB because I want to help the small and local businesses in my community during the pandemic. With the increase in people disregarding the seriousness of the pandemic, I wish to help those who are serving the community, small businesses, and lower-income neighborhoods to help them stay safe in these unprecedented times. If volunteering at the community level is increased, which I strive to accomplish with my team, we can improve the health of those who are affected the most.

Karthik Kumar

Director of Aurora Chapter

I joined Break the Outbreak because I wanted to make an impact on my community, especially in these tough times. I felt so powerless when the pandemic hit and I felt like as a young person there was nothing I could do. When I found Break the Outbreak I knew this would be a  way to actually make an impact in my community and beyond.

Krystal Cortez

Director of Hays County Chapter

I am passionate about being useful and helping things grow which is why I started this chapter. BTOB is a great opportunity to help my community with the support of other likeminded people. I hope to positively impact as many people in my community as possible!

Nitya Varigala

Chapter Director of Fairfax County

Break the Outbreak is making a difference and is helping all those who have been severely impacted by this pandemic. They are helping teens serve their community and make a difference which is very empowering.This organization is providing me with an opportunity to give back in this time of need. It is the least we can do for all those who are being impacted and risking their lives.

Nimrit Sodhi

Chapter Director of Appleton

Hey! I’m Nimrit Sodhi and I’m a part of BTOB because I truly believe in all of the amazing things that are coming from this nonprofit! Public health and safety are so important and I’m super excited to have a part in that throughout my community.

Sabrina Camua

Director of Beverley Hills

I joined Break the Outbreak because I wanted to be able to help my community during these hard times. People and businesses need assistance and I’m so glad that we are able to provide them with PPE.

Palak Guleria

Advisory Board Member

Once every month my friends and I would walk to a local boba tea shop after school and spend hours being loud, eating delicious food like popcorn chicken and ice cream, and making special memories. This quarantine made me realize I’ll have those experiences forever but the shop might not. I want to help them and others to survive this crisis and stay open so I can come back with my friends and make even more memories.


Archana P. Sudame (ph.D)

(Founder/President STEM Outside The Box, a Dublin Based 501 (C)(3) Nonprofit)

Arun Goel

(Vice Mayor of Dublin, CA)

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