Break the Outbreak
Beverly Hills

Meet The Team

We are a group of high-schoolers from Beverly Hills that aim to create face masks and face shields to donate them to local businesses, restaurants, and grocery stores that do not have any. The purpose of our project as the “Break The Outbreak – Beverly Hills Chapter” is to assist the public in staying safe and healthy in these unprecedented times.

Sabrina Camua

Director of Beverly Hills Chapter

Social Media Officer

I joined Break the Outbreak because I wanted to be able to help my community during these hard times. People and businesses need assistance and I’m so glad that we are able to provide them with PPE.

Chloe Levine

Communications Officer – Beverly Hills

I wanted to join Break the Outbreak because I am extremely grateful that I have supplies to keep me safe from the outbreak, so I would love to help & give back to those also in need of supplies.

Tian Yang

Financial Officer – Beverly Hills

Given current events, I’ve generally felt helpless at home, and I hadn’t found the opportunity to do much beyond social distancing. Break the Outbreak has given me a way to use my time, something I’ve been lucky to have, to help in whatever way possible.

Jennifer Li

Marketing Officer – Beverly Hills

I joined Break the Outbreak because although I’m privileged enough to have access to face masks, many people do not share that luxury. I want to give back to my community so everyone, especially those most at risk, can have the protection they need.

Support Us:

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* is also a centralized platform for people or institutions to ask for help, and for people who have supplies to show that they want to donate. Additionally, it is a location for people to show that they have contributed to society.*